Exporting the finest Kenyan gypsum hair in the world

It is a botanical product extracted from the leaves of cactus trees.

And it is used in many industries such as the manufacture of furniture, decorations, accessories, bathing loofah ... As for the Gulf countries, Egypt and the Maghreb, it is mixed with gypsum for the purpose of decoration work, which gives gypsum durability and strength that lives for decades.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest consumer market in the world for this product, followed by Nigeria, Morocco, and Egypt.

Brazil is the largest producer of this vegan hair, then Tanzania and Kenya.

But in terms of quality, Kenyan botanical poetry is the undisputed best in the world, then Tanzanian and Brazilian.

I have been investing in this product for 6 years.

My organization used to act as a mediator (international mediation) between seller and buyer.

Recently my organization decided to play the role of producer and exporter. We have come across a precious treasure that is represented in several areas where this plant is abundant without being exploited.

This region is located in western Kenya on the shores of Lake Victoria

We visited the region, conducted studies and comparisons, and sent product samples to the Gulf and Arab markets. We discovered that these samples are the best in the world, so we launched the project.