Baron International Corporation B.I.C

We are distinguished in this particular field due to our vast experience in traveling around the world which has created for us vast connections in more than 65 countries around the world.

Many companies and establishments around the world wish to enter the Gulf market in general and the Saudi Arabian Market specifically

We recently started work in the field of petroleum consultants, however, with our open mindedness to learn, we have earned a high status in which the founder of the company, and its chairman of the board Dr. Nabil Adam has become an advisor for petroleum investments on a local and international level to her royal highness Princess Noura, the daughter of Abdel Aziz Bin Abdullah Al Saoud, God protect her.

We are pioneers in electronic marketing, as well as known marketing ways with experience spanning since the establishment of the company in 2005. Till the present time, we market for many different brands, slogans and companies so much so that we have become a trustworthy reference that many corporations and companies ask for our services in this field.

Letter acceptances are considered one of the main services of The Baron International Corporation. Our corporation majored in retrieving acceptance letters from educational institutions and universities starting from Canada, continuing with the United States of America. We added Europe, Australia, and New Zealand to our list of services.

The Baron International Corporation works as a trade representative to many local and international corporations, in which the Baron International Corporation follows a two way policy in this matter. On one hand, it attracts companies and corporations to the Saudi Arabian market or to external markets.

The Baron International Corporation ranks among the highest corporations in the Arabian Gulf. The Baron international Corporations works in importing and exporting food supplies, clothing, fabric, Brazilian sugar, roses from Kenya, Brazilian poultry, wood, and petroleum products.

Dr. Nabil Baron, Founder and CEO of B.I.C

“sky is the beginning”

Since my earlier life I was looking at my great father and all my dreams is to become somebody like him, walk his footsteps in my own way.

This is how B.I.C was created. It was created to fulfill a dream of finding the match point among the different cultures and nations and bringing it out to build up interests that uplift the whole parties.

B.I.C was and still committing and dictated by morals such as words with integrity and actions with responsibility. The name of B.I.C has to be maintained with loyalty under any circumstances.

We are proud to say that we are unique in our way of vision, we believe in no boundaries and our level and standards are higher than the others.

Our vision is real and positive and our ambition is unlimited. So, for B.I.C sky is just the beginning and it is translating this motto on the ground.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Nabil Adam (Baron)

Mr. Nasser Abbadi, senior consultant and VP of B.I.C

Undoubtedly, being or have a strong connection is considered as a backbone of any firm in the world, especially in the field of international or global service providing .

Being well connected in three continents Asia, Africa, and America is our potency.

We are prestigious firm in the field of petroleum products and its derivatives in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the oil industry is based .beside having a strong connection with high ranked personalities and decision maker in many countries in Africa and Asia as well.

We are not only having a close connection with above mentioned countries we are also provide our decision to makers in respected countries and our consultancy taken into consideration, which is we take it as a potentiality.